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Future High Street Conferences
22 March & 20 Sept 2017
Nottingham Conference Centre, Burton Street, Nottingham NG1 4BU
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Digital, Innovation & Technology Conference - Keynote Presentations

Digital, Innovation & Technology Conference - Keynote PresentationsFocusing on content that can make a real difference to our towns and communities, the Placemaking Strategy Conference brings together case studies, insights and thought-leadership to offer an engaging and inspiring learning experience for its attendees.

This is the only event of its type for people who have a passion for creating the high street of the future. Our programme has been designed to ensure maximum benefit for all attendees - from handy tips to insightful statistics, lessons learnt to meaningful case studies, you'll enjoy a variety of content at the summit, including:
  • Hearing success stories from engaging expert speakers.
  • Opportunity for you to quiz the speakers about what they have shared, in order to delve a little deeper
  • Gaining insight and inspiration from how other areas have delivered projects that have had a positive impact.
  • Time away from your daily routine, allowing you to focus on the trends and opportunities that will really add value to your community.
Throughout the conference, our keynote will inform and inspire attendees on a range of hot topics - you can find out more about the overall plans for the day via our agenda page. Details of keynotes for the forthcoming event will be listed below as and when they are confirmed.

How Ultrafast Broadband is Transforming Business in Colchester Town Centre

How Ultrafast Broadband is Transforming Business in Colchester Town CentreIn 2016 Colchester Borough Council formed a partnership to install Ultrafast Broadband in the town centre transforming connectivity for some 700 businesses in the town centre.

UFBB offers subscribers some of the fastest upload and download speeds in the UK - more than 30-50 times faster than Superfast, putting Colchester town centre among the best connected places in the country.
In this session delegates will learn how the Council used its assets for the fibre installation and is now able to take an income from this project, helping to offset the impact of the cuts from Government grants.
Learn how town centre businesses are seeing Ultrafast Broadband as an opportunity to:
  • open up new markets with enhanced products and services
  • improve Colchester's image and reputation as a digitally distinct place
  • regenerate the eastern end of the town
  • create new jobs
  • become an emerging hub for gaming and
  • boost all-important footfall.
    Find out more about Karen on our speakers page...
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    Using data for change: the impact of major roadworks in a city centre

    Using data for change: the impact of major roadworks in a city centreIn the summer of 2016, major gas works closed a main thoroughfare in Chichester for 12 weeks and significantly disrupted local businesses.
    This presentation explains how the impact was monitored & measured. It discusses how the results were used to support affected businesses and how - in partnership with all stakeholders - this ultimately led to changes in the management of the works.
    Find out more about Sven on our speakers page...
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    10 Things Every Place Manager Should Do To Make Digital Transformation Happen

    10 Things Every Place Manager Should Do To Make Digital Transformation Happen

    Guy Douglas, from place management consultancy Clockwork City, will take a helicopter view of place management in the digital era.

    He will identify the variety of tasks and activities that every place manager can do, and that need to be happening simultaneously in order to make digitally-influenced place transformation into a connected reality.

    The following 10 Things are what it takes to be able to connect with your customers.

    1. Understanding the dual-aspect role of every place manager, and knowing who your customer is in each case.
    2. Keeping 'The Cleaner-Safer-Greener Basics' under control, and telling the business stakeholders about it.
    3. Measurement, data 'management-insight-analysis' and what to do with it.
    4. Transport and parking infrastructure, working with what you currently have, understanding what's coming.
    5. Connectivity infrastructure, how to have influence in enhancing this.
    6. Digital place marketing maturity, walking the walk.
    7. Local business stakeholder network, and getting a positive buy-in.
    8. Content flow and discoverability strategy, and ensuring the businesses have the digital marketing skills to be part of this.
    9. Integrating functional tools and solutions into your place management/marketing toolbox.
    10. How to afford all of this, and have a seat at your local table of strategic place management.
    Find out more about Guy on our speakers page...
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    Effective Online Marketing of Town Centres

    Using their current research at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam, Anne and Daphne's presentation will give an insight into drivers and barriers of successful online marketing channels (websites and social media) and marketing activities (for example, town centre loyalty cards and smart parking).

    Find out more about Anne and Daphne on our speakers page...
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    Creating experiences with a Wow Factor

    Creating experiences with a Wow Factor"Creating the WOW factor".

    As places struggle to compete what are the tools we can employ to create the one off WOW installation or events that differentiates our place and drives social media and footfall?

    This workshop will use examples to illustrate and define a WOW factor then together we will create our own WOW factor. If you attended last years "Experience" Workshop then this is the ultimate experience.

    Find out more about Jeremy on our speakers page...
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    Why increasing Digital Influence increases footfall offline.

    Why increasing Digital Influence increases footfall offline.Sharing the successes of the #WDYT campaign with 8 Pilot Towns

    - Why gaining digital influence will impact your footfall
    - How to make all you businesses digital channels work harder for your town
    - Find out where your town ranks for digital influence

    Find out more about Polly on our speakers page...
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